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First Trip to help Ukraine

Ukraine & Poland we sending Ukraine for buying Good, medication transportation & to Poland to help refugees arriving with clothes ARB accommodation and immigration service for uniting families in Germany & UK as well we send food and medicine from Poland

We have Jai Schroff’s company in Poland who can collect all people from the border, provide a place to stay and food, clothing and transfer them to any country in Europe or an airport

Raising money for Ukrainian Aid

We started Ukrainian Aid to support people in any part of the world who are the victims of war or natural disaster, trouble, or catastrophe in particular by the supply of medical aid to such persons and organisations caring for them. Any donation will help make an impact. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause which means so much to us.

People across the world have been shocked by the news coming from Ukraine, that Russia has invaded Ukraine – and now Ukrainians are facing an imminent humanitarian crisis. The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain has launched a crisis appeal for civilians there to help provide medicines, food and critical services for the most vulnerable & children. We are working as a charity with other organizations in the country to get people the help they need. Civilians stuck in this terrifying situation, to get them out of Ukraine and all food- medical supplies needed, here we’ve put together verified campaigns for Ukraine which need support in helping citizens – from getting vital supplies to the most vulnerable to helping refugees. Millions of people are facing a serious humanitarian crisis. Here’s how you can help You can donate here ⬇️